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Our Technology


Behind the Science

As part of the largest pet care company in the world, we are able to draw on research from some of the most extensive databases of canine behavior, health and nutritional information to develop our tests. This includes a genetic database of more than 15,000 purebred dogs, encompassing multiple continents and hundreds of breeds. In addition we hold the only commercial license in the United States from Washington State University for the use of the potentially lifesaving MDR1 multi-drug sensitivity test. Panel testing for genetic disease has allowed us to provide insight into presence and significance of genetic disease, making new discoveries in partnership with breeder communities for the benefit of pets worldwide.


Quality Control

The process by which we determine the disease, trait, and genetic relationship and diversity information of your dog or cat is called genotyping and is conducted on a canine Illumina® Infinium® chip created specifically for our tests. The samples are processed and analyzed at GeneSeek Laboratories in Lincoln, Nebraska. GeneSeek, a subsidiary of Neogen Corporation, is the world’s largest animal genomics testing facility, processing approximately 1.5 million samples a year from around the world. They are one of the most experienced laboratories in the world for canine DNA testing and their technology employs high-resolution DNA genotyping for identity and trait analysis in a variety of important agricultural plant and animal species. Geneseek is ISO 17025 certified, compliant with current AAHA guidelines and accredited by both A2LA and the USDA.

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