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Feline Traits


In addition to the multiple diseases screens, also included in Optimal Selection™ is the test for many coat colors and patterns, coat types, and morphologic (conformational) traits. Results are displayed in an easy-to-understand chart. Traits tested for include:

Feline Trait Screening

Coat Color & Pattern
B Locus - Brown - Cinnamon
B Locus - Brown - Chocolate
A Locus - Agouti
D Locus - Dilution
E Locus - Amber
Color Points - Burmese Variant
Color Points - Siamese Variant
White Gloves
Coat Type
Curly (Rexing/Woolly)
Coat Length - three variants
Body Type
Short Taile
Polydactyl (2 Mutations)
Blood Type
Blood Type B - two variants
Blood Type C