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Feline Traits


In addition to the multiple diseases screens, also included in Optimal Selection™ is the test for many coat colors and patterns, coat types, and morphologic (conformational) traits. Results are displayed in an easy-to-understand chart. Traits tested for include:

Feline Trait Screening

Coat Color & Pattern
Brown - B Locus
Agouti – A Locus
Dilution – D Locus
Extension – E Locus
Amber variant - found in Norwegian Forest Cat
Russet variant - found in Burmese
Color Points
Siamese variant
Burmese variant
Albino variant
Dominant White and White Spotting - W Locus
Birman White Gloves (for Birman only)
Coat Type
Long Hair
Mutation FGF5: c.475A>C
Mutation FGF5: c.406C>T
Mutation FGF5: c.ins356T
Mutation FGF5: c.474delT
Coat Type
Selkirk Rex Coat
Cornish and German Rex Coat
Devon Rex Coat (for Sphynx only)
Body Type
Short Tail
Japanese bobtail
Manx bobtail: c.T998del
Manx bobtail: c.T1169del
Manx bobtail: c.T1199del
LIMBR1: c.A479G
LIMBR1: c.G257C
LIMBR1: c.A481T
Blood Type
Blood Type B - c.268T>A & c.179G>T
Blood Type AB (type C)